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External Roller Blinds

Outdoor Roller Blinds


With South Africa’s beautiful weather and bright sunny days, it is important to find a stylish way of producing and creating shade and protection for the exterior of your home or workplace. Our exquisite range of external roller blinds provide both sun and wind protection without compromising on design and aesthetics.


We have two varying options of outdoor roller blinds available for you to choose from depending on your needs and preferences:


Lock Screen:

Our lock screen roller blinds have special side guide channels that lock the fabric in place and enable them to perform well in wind by eliminating any gaps between fabric and guiding where light and wind enter.  These lock screen roller blinds are suitable for both external sun protection for windows as well as sliding doors or, alternatively, inward stacking doors and patio screens for guaranteed protection from sun, wind and rain. Coupled with a block out fabric, these lock screen roller blinds are effective at providing darkness and complete privacy.

Bracket Screen:

Our open bracket option is manufactured for sheltered locations only. Manual bungy cord tie-downs are included to prevent the fabric from swaying in mild wind. We also have optional side channel or cable guides available in order to provide additional protection from wind.

Available in both motorised or crank handle operation.

External Blinds
External Blinds
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