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Why Us?

Mediterranean Lifestyle is a family run, full service manufacturer and supplier of high quality shutters and blinds. We offer a full turnkey service, and the entire design, supply and installation is handled by our in-house specialists. We are not a mass production facility, choosing to offer a truly unique personalised experience where attention to detail reigns supreme.


Our entire product offering is locally manufactured ensuring competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, strict control over quality and superb after sales service. Our extensive experience in manufacture and the ability the think out of the box makes us the architect and designers choice.

Our factories are meticulously equipped and staffed, giving us the ability to produce small or large batch runs seamlessly. Whether it’s a single shutter in a guest bathroom, or entire game lodge or hotel, we have the ability to deliver a custom made product on time and on budget. This is reflected in the numerous homes and five star hotels and lodges utilising our products in South Africa.

Although shutters have become more mainstream over the past few years, they are still a substantial investment. As with any investment it is important to consider the return and longevity. Remember tt's not always how much you pay.... but how many times!

This quick guide will give you an outline of the questions to ask your potential supplier, to ensure you have a trouble free experience, and can enjoy your purchase for a lifetime.


Locally manufactured, locally assembled or fully imported?

There is a distinct difference, but many suppliers choose to be very "economical" with this information. Very few companies manufacture their product completely, choosing to either import finished product or semi finished components from the East. When choosing your shutters, make sure they are 100% locally produced. Specifically with timber shutters, where our local conditions differ greatly from the East. A locally manufactured shutter is built for local conditions, and can be controlled and monitored through the entire process.

Solid wood or wood "substitutes"?

There is a reason timber has been the backbone of the building industry for centuries. Despite it's natural beauty, timber is inherently strong, durable and a fantastic insulator. Many companies offer a wood "substitute" or "composite" shutters. These are just fancy words to describe MDF, or Supawood as it is known in South Africa. These products were designed for paneling and cheap furniture and joinery. Not an ideal product to be sitting in your window and door, being hammered by the African sun.

Shutter specialist or multi product store?

With the advent of the imported shutter, shutters are now freely available at flooring stores, curtain makers, and even at some local builders merchants. Be wary of parting with your money to someone who is simply a sales front. Once the sale is concluded, the responsibility moves on to an import agent, and then on to a factory in the East. Not only will you not receive the attention to detail an investment of this kind deserves, but you will be effectively paying 3 different companies in the supply chain. Hardly an economical solution. Deal factory direct where possible.

It's all in the detail!

Choose only stainless steel or aluminium hardware. This is a must for coastal areas, but the inherent strength in these metals makes it a good choice for inland areas as well. Longevity of your product should be one of your key decision factors and cheap hardware is often the first thing to fail on a shutter.

Installation, the final step in the process.

Make sure you choose a supplier who has in-house installation teams. This final step in the process, is often the most important as this ensures your product works correctly as designed. In-house employees are far better trained and are far more accountable.

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