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Roller Blinds


Controlled lighting, open views, modern styles, sleek design, fashionable textures, colours and fabrics – these are just a few of the characteristics that make our roller blinds stand out from the crowd.


Our high-quality range of roller blinds are inspired by the global trends in fabric, design, fashion and textiles and our extended roller blind collection boasts over 100 different elegant fabrics. This amazing collection includes both classic cotton and linen look fabric textures that create a perfectly  balanced and calming atmosphere as well as provide functional screens that are perfect for light management and heat control.

Light Filtering fabrics are sheer in finish and allow the maximum amount of light in. Screen fabrics, on the other hand, block UV rays while simultaneously reducing energy costs without compromising on your view. Dim Out fabrics will diffuse the light in your interior space and lastly, block out fabrics will allow for complete light and privacy needs.

These high-quality roller blinds are available as either manual system with stainless steel cords, or fully motorised, allowing you to operate multiple blinds individually or simultaneously. Roller blinds are the new curtain!

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