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Introducing our NEW sleek ShutterStyle® Shutters. A first of their kind on the market, the ShutterStyle® Shutter offers innovation that’s both affordable and tailored for the style conscious.


Beautifully designed offering enhanced sleek lines and aesthetic touches. The superior design includes a seamless tilt mechanism to block out hinges and unwanted light when shut and stylishly slim louvers for more of your view and natural light when open.

For the last 6 years, we’ve refined our technique to bring you a shutter product that has the our seal of security and renowned quality. Featuring a 6mm bolt, and a sleek new sliding flush locking system, you have peace of mind ShutterStyle® Shutters don’t compromise beauty or functionality.


Made from lightweight, yet robust aluminium they offer a security barrier with a focus on elegance. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, and all South African weather conditions - these sophisticated shutters are even easier to install and keep clean.


Stylishly Secure. Make the fashionable choice by playing it safe.

ShutterStyle_Installation 2.jpg
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